A 'stylised' traction trebuchet and crew redrawn from a miniature and published in the 19th century.
Traction Trebuchet

"The List of Traction Trebuchets"
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This page is an index of the historic illustrations of traction (or "human-powered") trebuchets appearing on the 'Grey Co Trebuchet' web-pages. By clicking on the illustration number to the left of any of the brief picture descriptions you will go to the appropriate place in the file containing your choice.

0 Traction Trebuchet Spotting
(The parts, workings and types of historical traction trebuchets)
1 The Siege of Carcassonne in 1209
(stone carving: trebuchet, crew and sling holder)
2 Chronicle of Petrus de Eboli c.1180.
(two single-post trebuchets plus archers and a crossbowman)
3 Hasan al-Rammah c.1285
(simple drawing of traction trebuchet with unusual tucked-under sling)
4 Maciejowsky Bible (I)
(traction trebuchet with sling handler being lifted off the ground)
5 Maciejowsky Bible (II)
(two crewmen at sling of traction trebuchet)
6 Hsuan Feng (Whirlwind)
(Chinese 11th century machine with many pull ropes)
7 A battery of Hsuan Feng
(multiple single-post machines mounted on a single base)
8 "Four-footed" trebuchet
(Chinese trebuchet on heavy four-post stand)
9 Heavy Traction Trebuchet
(European machine on a heavy frame)
10 "Wheeled Whirlwind"
(a Chinese single-post trebuchet mounted on a wheeled base)
11 Savonne (I)
(Siege of Savonne; showing heavy framed and light single post trebuchets)
12 Savonne (II)
(Siege of Savonne with two, possibly three, heavy traction trebuchets)
13 "Rock Hurling Engine", 19th Century redrawing
(a pulling crew and sling handler - but little visible trebuchet)
14 Drawing from palace of Piandjikent
(7th-8th Century Transoxanian light framed trebuchet with crew)
15 Siege of Acre
(Heavy weighted machine with crew plus defenders on the city wall.)
16 Tower-top Trebuchet
(Light single-post trebuchet on top of a tall fortress tower.)
17 Tower-top Trebuchet (II)
(Elegant Book of Trebuchets illustration showing light machine.)
18 Framed Machines
(Two mystery frame-built weapons - Elegant Book of Trebuchets and a 13th C Iranian dish)

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