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This page is an index of the historic counter-weight trebuchet illustrations appearing on the 'Grey Co Trebuchet' web-pages. By clicking on the illustration number to the left of any of the brief picture descriptions you will go to the appropriate place in the file containing your choice.

1 Siege of Carlisle in 1315
(trebuchet, crewman and speared archer)
2 The Romance of Alexander c.1330.
(trebuchet and two crew, one loading the sling)
3 "Bellifortis" by Konrad Kyeser von Eichstadt. c.1405
(trebuchet with protective wall and "squirrel cage" winch winders + views of historic cranes)
4 Konrad Kyeser's "Bellifortis" c1405
(timber machine with metal parts)
 5 Kolderer c1507
(a large machine with a dead horse in the sling)
6 Plan of a trebuchet base by Villard de Honnecourt c.1250
(the only known contemporary trebuchet plan, plus Honnecourt's description)
7 Histoires d'Outremer - 13th Century
(very simple single-post machines - throwing heads)
8 Early 14th Century trebuchet (BM MS Add.10294 f. 81v)
(siege scene - treb being loaded while troops climb siege ladders)
9 Siege of Jerusalem, William of Tyre's "History", 14th Century
(siege scene - two simple trebuchets, possibly with wheels)
10 Raschid al Din, 13th Century "Mongol" trebuchet, c.1306
(siege scene - archers, trebuchet engineer at machine with mallet)
11 Saray album
(treb with multiple frame bracing and a strongly flared weight, possibly fixed)
12 Late 13th Century Trebuchet, Hasan al-Rammah c.1285
(machine with flared but definitely "hinged" counterweight.)
13 Roman de Godefrey de Bouillon, 14th Century
(siege scene, stone striking castle)
14 Unidentified trebuchet with unusual weight and trigger
(identification welcome)
15 Power of Love
(Flower-throwing allegorical trebuchet from the "Power of Love" casket, 14th Century.)
16 Renatus, 1529
(Fixed-weight trebuchet with ballast in rope-bound cloth)
17 Trebuchet and Gunpowder
(cannon and trebuchet side by side in a siege)
18 Milemete
(A "rustic" machine from Walter de Milemete, early 14th Century)
19 "Minimal" Trebuchets
(forked poles and weights attached to beams by long ropes)
20 "Bucket" Trebuchet
(a weight bucket of stave and hoop barrel-like construction)
21 Tower-top Trebuchet
(machine from Elegant Book of Trebuchets similar to No.14 plus apparent weight propping)

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