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Part 1:

The Staff-Slings and Hand Slings
Staff Slings
Name: None (slings don't seem to get names)
Size: Typically about 1.8m staff (or a little less) & a 0.8m sling
Power Unit: One human using both arms
Projectiles: Tennis balls, juggling balls, small teddy bears and assorted stones
Range: 50m with a tennis ball, 70-100m with a juggling ball, 120m+ with 200g stones
Based upon: Most closely resembles the staff-slings in the Bible of Rhodes illustrations.
Status: in active use.
Grey Co's staff- or pole-slings are unusual amongst our "tossing" machines. While everything else is scaled down in size and power, the slings are so simple that the versions we use are actually full-sized and full-power. Because of this, we tend to hurl lighter and softer projectiles - like tennis balls and beanbags (aka "hacky sacks").
John and Russell with polesling .... photo by Kate Miners  
Here John (front) and Russell are caught bombarding other Grey Co members with tennis balls. The day is wet, the slingers are wet and the sling cords and pouches are wet. This led to a lot of mis-fires as the light tennis balls caught in the cloth pouches and released late.
Even so, the evil grins on the slingers faces show that some shots are finding their mark...
Photo by Kate Miners.



Hand Slings
Name: None (hand slings don't seem to get names either)
Size: Typically a approx. 0.8m sling with cloth or woven cord pouch
Power Unit: One human using one arm
Projectiles: Pebbles, golf balls, juggling balls and occasionally lead sinkers
Range: 50m with a tennis ball, much much further with dense shot - & getting better with practice!
Based upon: Based upon illustrations in various medieval works plus currently used slings.
Status: in active use.
We've always included a hand sling in our sling and trebuchet presentations, but more recently Matt has undertaken a study of the many techniques of using this extremely simple yet very effective device and has created new interest in it among other club members..
Matt S in mid throw with a hand sling .... photo by ?  
Matt demonstrates an over-arm shot using a sling with a small handwoven pouch.
Matt S in finishes a throw with a hand sling .... photo by ?  
...and finishes the throw.
The small integral pouch on this sling, blurred in the earlier mid-throw photo, can be seen clearly here.
Photos by Kev. (?)


Last Edited: March 2007
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